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70% of the dirt entering your building is brought in on the soles of people’s shoes, but a properly sited entrance mat can help reduce that amount helping to protect your floors and lower your cleaning costs.

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• Washrooms • Changing Rooms • Mother and Baby Room
• Offices • Waiting Rooms • Reception areas • Laundry Rooms
• Meeting and Board Rooms

Standard Mat

Eden’s advanced specification standard mat protects your floors from soiling and permanent damage from foot borne dirt and moisture.
The standard mat is made from crush resistant, solution dyed nylon pile that is both long lasting and helps to trap and conceal dirt and moisture, making it an efficient solution for keeping floors clean, dry and safe.
Its special design, collected moisture evaporates overnight leaving the mat dry for the next day.

• 150cm x 85 cm –Approx 5ft x 3ft
• 180cm x 115cm – Approx 6ft x 4ft
• 240cm x 85cm –Approx 8ft x 3ft
• 350cm x 115cm –Approx 12ft x 4ft


Sapphire (Blue), Rainforest (Green),
Brazil (Brown), Mink (Black/grey)

Unicolour Mat

The Unicolour mat combines all the benefits of the standard mat with an extensive colour palette of over 60 colours with which to match your specific company décor or brand colour.

Unicolour mats also have the added advantages of being available in bespoke sizes and fi tted mats for mat wells or recessed areas such as lifts and revolving doorways.

• 150cm x 85cm – Approx 5ft x 3ft
• 180cm x 115cm – Approx 6ft x 4ft
• 240cm x 85cm – Approx 8ft x 3ft
• Bespoke sizes are also available


Choice of over 60 colours

Logo Mat

Create the right impression in your entrance with a Logo mat. Logo mats offer an effective branding medium tocreate impact, whilst efficiently removing dirt and moisture and protecting your floors.


• 150cm x 85cm –Approx 5ft x 3ft
• 180cm x 115cm – approx 6ft x 4ft
• 240cm x 85cm – Approx 8ft x 3ft
• Bespoke sizes are also available

Hard Working Mat

Eden’s Ultra mat is ideal for areas where walked in grease, oil or heavy-duty dirt and moisture cause problems. Anti static filaments contained within the turned fabric means that the Ultra mat does not build up static electricity, reducing the risk to machinery and equipment.

The Ultra mat’s pile combines dyed nylon scraper yarn with an absorbent cotton yarn to effectively remove and absorb more heavy-duty foot borne dirt and moisture than any other matting. The integral anti-microbial additives help to leave your mats odour, mould and mildew free- no matter how much moisture and dirt is absorbed.




Cobalt, Jade, Ironstone

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